Grand Theft Auto Inspired Tokyo 42 Launches May 31st on PC and Xbox One; Sometime in Mid-July for PS4

Grand Theft Auto Inspired Tokyo 42 Launches May 31st on PC and Xbox One; Sometime in Mid-July for PS4

Tokyo 42 release dates and new trailer revealed.

Today, publisher Mode 7 and developer Smac Games announced that the latter’s debut game, Tokyo 42, a self-described loved-child between Grand Theft Auto and Syndicate, is set to release on PC and Xbox One on May 31st and on PS4 sometime during “Mid-July.”

For those that don’t know, Tokyo 42 is self-described as an action game at its core, where every bullet and grenade has a fully rendered physics system behind it that forces players to weave and dodge their way through times of combat: kinda like a bullet-hell game. In it, you will have a variety of weapons to choose from, including pistols, machine guns, sniper rifles, katanas (of course), and many more.

Said to describe a significant open world single player mode, packing a complete story and a slab of side-quests, you play as a character that has been thrusted into a cutthroat world of assassins, and an “intensely condensed future Tokyo.” And as you can see in the new trailer: it’s the game’s highly-stylized Tokyo setting that is perhaps its biggest allure. The fully explorable open world notably packs many secret areas for you to discover, some of which are only accessible via manipulation of the game’s camera. As you play through the game and take on missions from terminals and handlers, you will build up your funds and underworld reputation.

As you would expect in an assassin game, stealth is important to a varying degree depending on the player’s playstyle. Examples of stealth include having to sneak into gang strongholds, run and leap on rooftops to escape or avoid detection, or snipe enemies from atop a building from afar, or even in midair if you’re good enough.  Rather uniquely, you can change your skin color whenever you want to blend better in with crowds, a handy tool for sneaking around and for shaking of an enemy assassin that has been sent to end you.

Lastly, the game has a multiplayer arena mode, where you and your opponent will spawn into a small area (blind to each other’s spawn points), and from there you will be tasked with eliminating your opponent before they eliminate you.

You can read and watch more about the game’s different approach styles here; learn more about its designs, influences, and ambitions here; and learn more about its GTA-like cop/law system here.

A price-point nor a reason why the PS4 version is coming more than a month later were not divulged. However, a new trailer accompanying the release date has been: you can check it out below: