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Grand Theft Auto Online Modders Trigger Alien Mission

Take me to your leader: Grand Theft Auto Online has aliens hidden in the code.

July 2, 2017

Grand Theft Auto Online modding has been under fire recently, and while things are getting back to normal for those who love delving into Grand Theft Auto’s code, yeah, there’s aliens now. In the game’s most recent Gunrunning Update, existed a set of files that hinted at a possible UFO and ever since, the members of Team Guru, a popular Grand Theft Auto modding team, were determined to unearth them. While extraterrestrials are new to Grand Theft Auto Online, the way players are supposed to deal with them isn’t.

While the hints in the game’s code were clear, it would take the team weeks to forcefully activate the supply mission. By modding the game they were able to force the game’s variables until they were able to trigger the mission:

“We can then see it’s obvious the UFO event itself, is in the middle of it’s script, while the mission is at it’s beginning. (This causes some of the bugs you think you see, they aren’t bugs, they just aren’t executing properly.) This leads us to believe that whatever happened during the UFO’s crash script, happens on the way to setting 20 to true. That’s where we’re testing now.”

In the mission the player is tasked with finding the crashed UFO by the Zancudo military base and retrieving an alien egg. As soon as the player touches the egg though, aliens materialize around you and attack. All of this was made possible by a tool called the “global enforcer,” which was designed by Team Guru member Polivias. The group also teased that there’s more to this mystery. I hope there is too because if you’re capable with a rifle, you’ll make short work of the little green men.

It’s unclear when this event is supposed to happen naturally, though Independence Day is more than just a holiday. You can check out what has already been revealed in the Independence Day update here.You can check out the team’s footage of the event below.

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