Grand Theft Auto Online Crew Member Limit Raised To 1000; Crew vs Crew Matches Start This Friday

on February 5, 2014 5:29 PM

One of the more fun aspects of Grand Theft Auto Online is the ability to have and recruit crew members. Playing with a crew gives players an advantage in the hostile environment that is GTAO. The previous crew cap was 300 members but today, Rockstar has announced that you and 999 other maniacs can tear the city apart.

Rockstar also announced the first Crew vs Crew battle in GTAO. Two crews will be pitted against each other in Rockstar created or Rockstar verified jobs. This match will go live this Friday at 2pm EST on Rockstar’s Twitch and Youtube channels.

Although it was released months ago, GTAO is still going strong. Raising the crew limit and having Crew vs Crew matches is sure to keep the community happy and playing for many months to come.

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