Grand Theft Auto Online’s New Update “Cunning Stunts” Is Coming Soon

on July 9, 2016 1:34 PM

A new series of races high in the skies of Los Santos will be available in only a few days time. Being released in the next update, Cunning Stunts lets players take on loop-de-loops, speed through colored tubes and perform death-defying jumps through rings of fire.

Announced over on Rockstar’s newswire, the update will be “daring, defy gravity and punch your fears straight in the mouth.”

Rockstar will also be releasing new vehicles to flesh out the stunt races including sports cars, supercars and motorbikes, as well as cosmetic items for your player should you wish to look the part in overalls and helmets.

Cunning Stunts will be available for Grand Theft Auto Online on July 12th for all platforms.