Grand Theft Auto V is Basically Free Today on Amazon for Prime Members

Grand Theft Auto V might already be one of the highest-selling games ever, but that hasn't stopped Rockstar from essentially trying to give it away at this point.

Amazon is running a new one-day-only deal today that could net you a copy of Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto V essentially for free if you’re a Prime member.

As of this morning, GTAV has been marked down to the cost of $14.99 on both Xbox One and PS4 platforms. While this isn’t free, the way that you end up breaking even is that a $15 Amazon credit will be given to your account once you purchase Grand Theft Auto V for yourself. So while you have to spend $15 up front to get that money back, it’s kind of a perfect deal, especially for those that frequently use Amazon and will surely be spending that money again through the retailer soon. The deal says that the Amazon credit should hit your account within the next week at some point.

The only caveat to this promotion is that you not only have to be an Amazon Prime member, but you also must be a Twitch Prime member as well. If you’re unfamiliar with how this process works, all you have to do is link your Amazon account to your Twitch account and you’ll be good to go.

Even though it seems like everyone and their mother owns Grand Theft Auto V at this point, this is a deal that you pretty much can’t miss out on if you don’t have the game already for some reason. Oddly enough, I ended up losing my own copy of GTAV a few years back so I’m thinking I’ll probably jump on this today myself.

The only downside is that as of this writing, it seems like PS4 copies of the game are sold out. I’m going to guess that Xbox One versions will be going quickly as well so if you want to pick it up, head over to Amazon by clicking right here to snag it.

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