Grand Theft Auto V Headlines This Week’s Deals With Gold Discounts on Xbox One and Xbox 360

on February 17, 2015 11:36 AM

January, February, and the early parts of the year are typically slow when it comes to new game releases, but if you’ve missed out on any big titles from the last few months, like Grand Theft Auto V in particular, now might just be the time to catch up thanks to Microsoft.

Over on Major Nelson’s blog, the latest set of discounts on Xbox Live’s Deals With Gold program have been posted, with the headline deal being discounts on Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto V on Xbox One (15%) and Xbox 360 (58%). In addition to the discounts on GTA V, a number of discounts are also available on other smaller titles, such as the recently-released Duck Dynasty and older titles from the Tomb Raider series.

The full list of discounts and offer available this week from Xbox Live’s Deals with Gold are available below, with each offer available now through February 23rd:

Xbox One:

  • Duck Dynasty – Xbox One Game – 50%
  • Grand Theft Auto V & Free Bull Shark Cash Card – Xbox One Game – 15%

Xbox 360:

  • World of Tanks: Xbox 360 – Currency Mega Pack Add-On – 33%
  • World of Tanks: Xbox 360 – T-15 New Recruit Add-On – 50%
  • Duck Dynasty – Games On Demand – 50%
  • Battlestations Pacific – Games On Demand – 80%
  • Battlestations Midway – Games On Demand – 80%
  • Dungeon Siege 3 – Games On Demand – 75%
  • Tomb Raider Underworld – Games On Demand – 75%
  • Tomb Raider Anniversary – Games On Demand – 75%
  • Supreme Commander 2 – Games On Demand – 84%
  • Kane & Lynch 2 – Games On Demand – 75%
  • GTA V – Games On Demand – 58%
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