Grand Theft Auto V PC Won’t Use Denuvo DRM on Top of Steam (UPDATED)

Grand Theft Auto V PC Won’t Use Denuvo DRM on Top of Steam (UPDATED)

Update: Denuvo Co-founder Robert Hernandez denied in a statement to IncGamers that Grand Theft Auto V will make use of the DRM. In a further statement to DualShockers he mentioned that the reason for Rockstar’s presence in the partners panel on Denuvo’s website is simply that the developer used the tech in Grand Theft Auto IV, but they’re not going to use it in any way on Grand Theft Auto V.

PC gamers can now breathe easier.

The original article can be found below:

Looks like those planning to play Grand Theft Auto V on PC will have to deal with another DRM System on top of the protection already provided by Steam, and pirates will have a harder time in their unlawful attempts to acquire and distribute copies of the game.

GTAforum user Russian Mafia came up with the info today, and even if we should consider it a rumor until officially confirmed, it seems to be pretty solid.

Rockstar will use new DRM system in GTA 5 for PC. This system is Denuvo, which also used in FIFA 15 and Lords of the Fallen.
This System uses special code which changes every time, so this DRM is still not hacked, and I think it won’t be.
No more piracy on PC and only way you can play GTA 5 is Steam.

Got this info today. Also today Denuvo updated partners on their site. Rockstar now here too. So it’s confirmed.


The new DRM user is named Denuvo, and as Russian Mafia explains, it has already been successful (at least so far) in protecting other games from piracy. Of course it remains to be seen if it’ll also cause problems for legit users, as the most solid DRM systems often do.