Update: Grand Theft Auto V Protagonist Voice Actor Discovered?

Update: Grand Theft Auto V Protagonist Voice Actor Discovered?


Update: Rockstar has replied to our email but did not dish out any info.

“There is no confirmed information as of yet.”

There have been many claims, both believable and outrageous, that Grand Theft Auto V has been in development since mid-last year. Remarkably, we may have gotten a solid confirmation on GTA5‘s existence and who will voice the game’s protagonist from an unexpected source. Anyone familiar with a Mr. Gilbert Gottfried or better known as the voice of Iago in Aladdin? Well “Iago” recently tweeted, “Just found out I’m voicing the lead in grand theft auto 5!”’

Now this hair brain statement had no substance to its claim at first because of Gottfried’s rather questionable comments on Japan. No one took it seriously and did nothing to capture proof of this statement. Those actions turned out to be an Achilles heel for us gamers. Soon after the tweet went up, it disappeared. With the situation of the tweet disappearing…does this prove that Grand Theft Auto V is in development and Mr. Gottfried stars a lead voice acting role or if anything a comedic role?