Grand Theft Auto V’s Topless Strippers Have Actual Gameplay Mechanics to Challenge

Grand Theft Auto V’s Topless Strippers Have Actual Gameplay Mechanics to Challenge

In Grand Theft Auto IV strippers were just eyecandy. They didn’t do anything else than giving Nico a non-interactive lapdance and that was it.

In Grand Theft Auto V, as emerged by leaked gameplay videos, things are different. Not only you’ll be able to interact with the strippers by pressing A to flirt and holding RT to touch them, but you’ll also have to watch out.

A bouncer will patrol the hallway in front of the lapdance booth and will often check out on the dancing girls. If you get caught touching, you’ll be kicked out of the establishment. It’s worth mentioning that if you keep your camera zoomed on the girl (there are different angles available) to get the best view, you won’t be able to keep an eye on the bouncer.

In addition to that, you can tip the girls while they’re pole dancing with either a dollar (with A) or a “make it rain” option (by pressing X) that will give a “generous” six bucks donation (you baller!).

Update: You can see a video portraying the whole process here, alongside two more with different elements. Be warned, it’s obviously not safe for work.

Each girl has a “like” bar that can be filled by the actions described above. What will happen when it’s filled? We don’t know about that yet, but hopefully they won’t start calling you every ten minutes like Roman used to do in GTAIV.

Mind you, something tells me that the usual pundits won’t be nearly as unforgiving with this kind of sexualization as they would be if the game didn’t have the “Rockstar” label on it.  After all, it’s not developed by Square Enix or some other easy to target Japanese developer, so everything’s good.

Incidentally, if you want to see more about Grand Theft Auto V, you can find over 300 screenshots from a livestream here, showing a lot of interesting stuff, from strip clubs to fighting, driving, sniping, flying, a returning character and even a trip to the highest place of the game’s “world”.