Grandpa and the Zombies Take a Bite Out of the Nintendo Switch with September 12th Release

International publisher and developer Tivola has announced Grandpa and the Zombies is coming to the Nintendo Switch September 12th

on September 8, 2018 10:52 AM

When you think of the zombie apocalypse you mostly imagine a gang of tough survivors, taking on the world “The Walking Dead” style, but developer Tivola who is based in Hamburg has turned that stereotype on its head with Grandpa and the Zombies.

Players will need to hold their nerve and steer grandpa Willy through 120 demanding levels to reach the save point, which happens to be an elevator. That may sound challenging in itself, but Grandpa’s wheelchair doesn’t have any brakes making it pretty tricky in trying to avoid obstacles, traps and many other dangers, while collecting the tasty candies grandpa Willy enjoys so much, although I’m pretty sure I’d have other things on my mind rather than catering to my sweet tooth, but apparently he needs his sugar to get as far as possible, as, after all, he has zombies on his tail.

Hendrik Peeters, CEO at Tivola says:

We are certain that Grandpa and the Zombies is perfect for Switch. The game not only captivates players continuously, it is also fun to watch. We are not overly focused on technical finesse, our primary focus is content. We make games for the whole family which are entertaining and easy to understand. Nintendo and Tivola are a good match in that regard.”

Grandpa and the Zombies, which is already on iOS and Android since 2014, will be available on Nintendo Switch September 12th for $ 8.99. Check out the humorous Nintendo Switch Trailer for Grandpa and the Zombies, below:

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