Granzella Answers Fans Waiting for a New Steambot Chronicles or Remake

Steambot Chronicles on PS2 never got an official sequel.

May 28, 2022

Granzella’s Kazuma Kujo would love to make a new Steambot Chronicles, but things are pretty complicated.

Granzella held on May 27 a special live stream on YouTube, the Granzella Gathering 2. These streams focus on all Granzella games, with the staff answering questions from fans in the second half. This time, the first half mostly focused on shmup game R-Type Final 2.

Steambot Chronicles was one of the many experimental games on PS2, mixing many different genres and themes. With open-world sandbox RPG, steampunk, mecha customization, and dating sim elements all mixed in. This turned the game into a beloved experience for many fans around the world, all waiting for a new entry. And while the game got a spinoff on PSP, the official Steambot Chronicles 2 was cancelled mid-development.


Granzella’s Kazuma Kujo Answers Fans Asking About A New Steambot Chronicles Game Or Remake

As pointed out by our peers on Japanese blog Game’s Talk, Kazuma Kujo was asked on stream about the series and “why a new Bumpy Trot game was never released.” Ponkotsu Roman Daikatsugeki Bumpy Trot being the Japanese name of Steambot Chronicles. The question also asked about whether they’d rather do a remake of the PS2 game, the PSP game, or try to make the cancelled Steambot Chronicles 2 again. We translated Kazuma Kujo’s answer below.

Fist, Kujo pointed out that seeing his position as a producer, it’s rather difficult to answer when he is asked that way. Rather than “Why aren’t you making a new Steambot Chronicles“, he”d like to be asked instead “Would you like to make a new Steambot Chronicles?”.

Kujo said he’d like to make Steambot Chronicles 2 since it got cancelled mid-development. But he’d also like to remake the original game first to reintroduce the series. As releasing the sequel alone wouldn’t make sense now.

Kujo also recounted how much he loves the series and was fully invested in its development. He put pretty much all the ideas he had at the time into the game, and tried his best to turn it into the massive and voluminous experience the game is renowned for.

“I’d Really Like To Make A New Game”

Kujo ended his answer by reiterating he’d really like to make more Steambot Chronicles games, but can’t really comment on the matter. Kazuma Kujo was answering those questions starting at the 50:17 mark of the stream, you can watch it below.

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