Graveyard Keeper’s Launch Trailer Shows Fishing, Crafting, and Autopsies

Graveyard Keeper celebrates its release with a new launch trailer showing material gathering, autopsies, and talking donkeys.

on August 16, 2018 10:19 AM

Publisher tinyBuild Games has released a new trailer for its bizarre cemetery tending simulator Graveyard Keeper. The title mixes a few genre standards likes gathering materials and growing plants with some lesser seen elements like autopsies and dumping corpses in nearby rivers.

Graveyard Keeper is proud to be historically inaccurate as it allows players to manage a medieval cemetery. Throughout the trailer, a stocky bearded man works hard on his up and coming graveyard. In order to keep it in working condition, he must cut down trees in the local area, fix up churches and work alongside bargaining donkeys. Of course, no graveyard management simulator would be complete without ritual executions and the gathering flesh from the recently deceased.

The game doesn’t take itself too seriously either, adding in a dry sense of humor as your character communicates with disembodied skulls and unusual locals.

Along with working on your cemetery, Graveyard Keeper also features dungeon crawling elements which sees your character fending off living green globs, bats and winged insects.

Graveyard Keeper is available now on Xbox One and PC; you can check out that launch trailer below:

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