Gravity Rush 2 Anime Gets Colorful Trailer, Looks Lovely

Gravity Rush 2 Anime Gets Colorful Trailer, Looks Lovely

Today Sony Interactive Entertainment released a trailer of the upcoming anime special Gravity Rush The Animation: Ouverture, created to celebrate the release of Gravity Rush 2.

The anime is created by Studio Khara, and it serves to full the gap between Gravity Rush and the upcoming sequel Gravity Rush 2. To be more specific, it portrays the day before the beginning of the new game. It will be aired in Japan on TV Tokyo on Christmas.

Gravity Rush 2 will be released in Europe on January 18th, in Japan on January 19th and in North America on January 20th, exclusively for PS4.

If the video below is not enough,

but if it’s not enough, you can also watch the trailer of the free DLC Ark of Time: Raven’s Choice, which will come in March, as announced at PlayStation Experience, finally featuring Raven as a Playable Character.

You can also enjoy a recent trailera few screenshots, and some new gameplay footage featuring online features and Kat’s adorable costumes.