Gravity Rush 2 Demo Now Available on European PlayStation Store

Gravity Rush 2 Demo Now Available on European PlayStation Store

Developers Project Siren and SCE Japan Studio have made the demo for their action-adventure game, Gravity Rush 2, available on the European PlayStation Store at the weight of 6.2 gigabytes.

As previously reported, at the start of demo you will be asked whether or not you want an easier, tutorial-type play through (Beginner Course), or one that that lets you explore straight away and access all of Kat’s gravity powers (Experienced Course). Depending on which you choose, you will be lead to different missions and new enemies. Because of this, Project Siren is recommending that you play the demo at least twice.

The advanced version of the demo gives you access to both the ground-pounding Jupiter and lighter than air Lunar gravity abilities, the later which propels Kat’s jumps much higher.

Meanwhile the beginner version includes a unique chase as a seagull makes off with some of your stuff.

As you play through the demo, you will be pointed out to your next mission objective, however, you’re also given the freedom to explore the city between the triggering of  events.

Gravity Rush 2 is slated to release for the PS4 in Europe on January 18th, in Japan on January 19th and in North America on January 20th.