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Gravity Rush 2 Gets Discounted to $40 at Retail and PlayStation Store

The early 2017 PS4-exclusive Gravity Rush 2 is discounted down to $40 right now at Best Buy and digitally on the PlayStation Store.

July 17, 2017

Marking the latest adventure for Kat and her trusty companion Dusty, Gravity Rush 2 provided PS4 owners with a gravity-bending action title filled with beautiful visuals and more to enjoy, with the title getting a price drop at retail and digital for the time being.

Gravity Rush 2 has currently seen a discount to $39.99 physically at Best Buy (via Twitter’s Wario64), while the digital version of the title on PlayStation Store (US) has also been dropped down to the same price. Other retailers such as Amazon and GameStop have yet to follow with price adjustments, so isn’t clear just yet whether this is a temporary or permanent price cut.


However, this still marks a great opportunity to get in on Kat’s latest adventure, which our own Giuseppe Nelva thought very highly of in our review – which scored a 9.5/10. A few of his thoughts can be found below:

Not only Gravity Rush 2 is a worthy successor for the first game, but it surpasses its predecessor (and its remaster) in ever aspect. It’s extremely fun, engaging and even challenging. Due to its production and artistic value, it’s  definitely one of those titles that you’ll want to show your friends when you need to demonstrate why you’re proud to be a gamer. They’re bound to be impressed.

Gravity Rush 2 is available now for PS4.

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