Gravity Rush 2 and Let It Die Collaboration Receives Release Date and Kat Armor Trailers

Let It Die collaborates with Gravity Rush 2 to bring Kat armor and skill decals to the survival action game.

August 8, 2017

GungHo Online Entertainment revealed new screenshots for Gravity Rush 2 X Let It Die collaboration for PlayStation 4.

During the event, players will be able to dress up their Let It Die character as Gravity Rush series’ main protagonist, Kat, and enter the game’s dungeon to fight some intimidating foes.

The collaboration will begin on August 10 and last until September 6 available on the PlayStation Store. Additionally, some of Kat’s skills will also make it into Let It Die, including her drop kick as an equippable decal. This kick will generate shock waves and can be useful as a ranged attack. Other decals will make an appearance in the game including skills used by Raven.


Also to trigger a special event players can go to Naomi Detox at the arcade and order a collaboration quest. An additional decal will be sold featuring Kat’s cat Dusty. The special quest begins on August 10 until September 7.

There’s no mention if anything from Let It Die will appear in Gravity Rush 2, but seeing Kat appear in a bloody game like this is still pretty interesting.

In case you missed it, DualShockers had the chance to interview GungHo’s CEO & Executive Producer Kazuki Morishita about the future of the Let It Die series and also other titles from the developer.

You can check out the some videos of the decals, screenshots from the collaboration, and some key art below:

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