3DS Exclusive The Great Ace Attorney 2 Gets New Story and Character Details; New Screenshots

3DS Exclusive The Great Ace Attorney 2 Gets New Story and Character Details; New Screenshots

Capcom released some new information about their detective game The Great Ace Attorney 2, coming to the 3DS in Japan.

The game is set in 19th century London, where the game’s protagonist, Ryunosuke Naruhodorun into detective Sherlock Holmes, and together they solve mysterious cases.

Naruhodo is a college student at the Yuumei University in the Empire of Japan. He travels to the British Empire following an incident and becomes an attorney. After meeting Sherlock Holmes, his journey begins to play out far bigger than he expected.

Other characters in the game include:

  • Susato Mikotoba – Naruhodo’s assistant who worries about him being all alone in a foreign country.
  • Iris Watson – Holmes’ assistant and roommate who wrote the “Sherlock Holmes’ Adventures” novel. Even though she is only 10, she has a high IQ and a PhD in medical science.

The game is broken up into two parts making up the basic systems. The first being the “Detective Parts”. Here is where the player will investigate the crime scene and gather evidence. Furthermore, eye witnesses can provide helpful testimonies that can crack the case. However, it’s not wise for the player to miss any leads.

Players will be able to “Examine”, “Move”, “Talk”, and “Press” as actions during detective parts. Each will be used in order to solve the case.

The second system in the game is the “Courtroom Parts”. This will be where players will use found evidence and testimonies in order to close the case and save innocent people on trial.

Additionally, The Great Ace Attorney 2 will also have exclusive mechanics to the game. These include:

  • Joint Reasoning – While Holmes is present, the player will be able to use him to assist during interrogation scenes.
  • Jury Battle – Sometimes the jury can be set on a guilty verdict. However, this time around players will be able to call out lies and contradictions of witnesses in order to change their minds.

Recently, the game received a new trailer showing the characters and mechanics detailed here.

You can check out the new screenshots below: