Middle Ages Tactical RPG The Great Whale Road Launches for PC on March 30th

Today, Spain-based developer Sunburned Games announced that its story-driven, tactical RPG set during the Early Middle Ages, The Great Whale Road, is set to leave Steam Early Access (where it launched back in July of last year) and fully launch on March 30, 2017 for PC, Mac, and Linux.

Here’s an official overview of the game, which is the developer’s first release, and is said to be inspired by titles such as The Banner Saga and Darkest Dungeon:

The Great Whale Road is a story-driven RPG set in the Early Middle Ages. Travel through an ancient world, sailing along the North Sea and battling foes in turn-based combat. Interactive historical fiction comes to life through its digitally hand-drawn art, colourful characters, atmospheric soundtrack, and deeply researched lore.

Fight, trade and discover the story of your village and its heroes. Are you worthy to lead them to renown and riches?

Gameplay is split into two seasons. Winter to manage and plan for the year ahead and summer when you sail the whale road and visit other towns and villages. You and your warband have to fulfill a quest each year, while ensuring that you have sufficient food to feed everyone through the long months of winter. Digitally hand-drawn locations are connected by an atmospheric side-scrolling sailing mode. Grid based tactical combat means that Valhalla can be just a warcry away.

You can read more about the game via its official website.

Looking ahead, Sunburned Games has said it plans to release two storylines based on two new and separate cultures: the Franks and the Frisians. This additional narrative content will come via two free updates and arrive before the summer. The March release includes the complete Danish story and core features of the game.

It’s currently unclear how much The Great Whale Road will cost at launch, but at the moment it can be picked up for $19.99 USD in its Early Access form, so expect a price point in this ballpark. Additionally, Sunburned Games has said it plans to announce additional platforms sometime this year (2017).

Below, you can check out the newly released release trailer:

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