The Great Whale Road Now out of Early Access on Steam Along with New Patch

The Great Whale Road Now out of Early Access on Steam Along with New Patch

Developer Sunburned Games sent out a press release recently celebrating the full release of The Great Whale Road. The tactical RPG is set during the Middle Ages and follows the adventures of Viking warriors from Denmark to England. The game is available for $19.99 USD on Steam with an extra 10% off until April 6th.

The Great Whale Road refers to the seafaring ways of this particular conquest. The game is split into two seasons: winter is devoted to strategic planning and managing food while summer focuses on exploring new areas and discovering new villages. And since you are a warband, you’ll need to do some conquering each year to show that you’re warriors to be feared.

The game also harbors these other features:

  • Storyline about the Danes from Úlfarrsted, a village on a small North Sea island just off the coast from the Danish-Saxon borderland.
  • A story-driven campaign from the north of Denmark to the south of England.
  • Character quests
  • Character progression
  • Equip characters with weapons and armour sets.
  • Four combat classes and associated warcries.
  • Land and sea combat environments.
  • An event system which covers all areas of medieval life from farming to family feuds.
  • Dynamic trade system.
  • Ship and settlement upgrades.

And with the full release, the complete storyline of the Danish campaign is available with some brand new enhancements. The adventure can be played through in German, Spanish, Italian, and English. A French translation is also being worked on.

And even though The Great Whale Road is out of Early Access, the team at Sunburned Games are still fixing bugs. They just released patch v1.0.1 which mainly contained a number of hotfixes. The full list is here:

  • Fix for the camera issue during combat (black or blue screen)
  • Enemies no longer apply the shield break warcry on themselves
  • Fixed a bug, which caused the AI not to end its turn

They’re also looking into more camera issues that players have been reporting but the devs were unable to reproduce.

With Banner Saga like inspirations and interesting tactical mechanics built around the seasons, it’s hard not to get excited for yet another Viking expedition. You can set sail with the launch trailer found below: