Greed Corp Introduces the Freemen Group

on December 17, 2009 3:58 PM

One of the first of the four groups to be named, the Freemen are a tribal type of group who wanted to preserve the lands in which they live on. Unfortunately for them, there are three other groups who want it for their own. Hence comes a game called Greed Corp, an arcade game to be soon found on XBOX and PS3 stores. It is a turn based game with over 24 unique maps, 36 unlockable maps,  and over 10 hours of single game play. There are friendly and ranked 2,3, and 4 player battles. For an arcade game, that is a lot of play time.

A little more about the Freemen. They are all about their land, preserving it to the fullest, like what a hippie would do. They are led by individual tribe leaders, with a passion for their land. Of course, there must be antagonists to try to rid these Freemen from their lands so they may take the natural resources for their own. Hopefully the Freemen will prevail and the land will be safe. Find out in 2010.