Pokemon GO: Why is Deerling Green? Is the Pokemon and Its Evolution Shiny?

Why is Deerling green?

By Sam Woods

June 17, 2021

Change is underway in Pokemon GO. Niantic’s AR Pokemon hunting hit is entering its third season, the Season of Discovery.

Following, the Season of Legends, Niantic has made a whole bunch of changes within the game and there are new events to take part in.

We’ve also got new raid bosses, including the return of Regigigas, as well as new wild Pokemon, new field research and more.

But one new Pokemon has trainers baffled, why is there green Deerling in Pokemon GO?

GO Beyond: The Pokémon GO journey continues beyond

GO Beyond: The Pokémon GO journey continues beyond

Why are there Green Deerling in Pokemon GO?

Deerling, and its evolution Sawsbuck, have four different forms, one for each of the Earth’s season. Deerling turns pink during the springtime, orange during the autumn months, a brown colour during winter and most importantly, green during summer.

That’s the reason, in the Northern Hemisphere at least, we are seeing a green Deerling.

At level 34 in the games, and with 50 Candy in Pokemon GO, Deerling evolves into Sawsbuck. Sawsbuck also has four different looks based on the seasons. In the summer, its antlers are green and bushy, in autumn, they turn orange and start to droop, winter its antlers and some of its fur turns white, and in spring, small flowers start to bloom.

Unfortunately, shiny Deerling has yet to be released into the game.

Where to find Green Deerling in Pokemon GO?

Deerling seems to be fairly common since the Solstice event has started. Providing players have Pokemon GO open for long enough, they should encounter a Green Deerling out in the wild.

Based on Deerling’s deer-like form, it may be wise to explore parks and open fields to increase your chance of encountering the Pokemon.

What raids are happening in the Solstice event?

The Solstice has some large shakeups in raid bosses.

Tier one raids include Snorunt and Klink, Tier three includes Lapras and Alolan Marowak, Tier five sees the return of Regigigas, and Mega raids will also be changing during June with the current pick Mega Gyarados.

You can read all of the raid changes right here.

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