Green Hell Developers Reflect on Development Just Before 1.0 Launch

Green Hell Developers Reflect on Development Just Before 1.0 Launch

A new trailer recounts all of Green Hell's updates prior to its 1.0 release on September 5, 2019.

Green Hell, Creepy Jar’s survival game set within the Amazon, hit Steam Early Access nearly a year ago. The developers have been consistently supporting the game with major updates every couple of months. These added everything from new animals and plants to human enemies and mud based structures. Finally, on September 5, Green Hell will be hitting 1.0 and exiting Early Access.

That 1.0 update comes with an entire story mode for players to delve into. During it, players are trying to find their missing girlfriend Mia, but end up subjecting themselves to the brink of insanity. To ensure this story mode is content rich, the update will also expand the map size in Green Hell, add more animals and plants like the Psychotria Viridis, and more difficulty options. More graphics options are also being added to ensure the game is playable on PCs of varying levels of power.

With Green Hell’s 1.0 release just over a week away, Creepy Jar is reflecting on the development of their survival game with a brand new trailer. Titled The Journey So Far, this new video for Green Hell recounts all of the aforementioned updates and reactions of the content creators who played them. It also showcases a bit more of the yet to be released story mode. Check it out below:

The Early Access version of Green Hell is available on PC via Steam right now for $19.99, and it will not be increasing in price after the 1.0 update hits on September 5, 2019.