Grefg Smashes Twitch Records, Amassing 2.5 Million Concurrent Viewers

The energy on stream was ecstatic.

January 12, 2021

On January 12, Twitter was ablaze with mentions of a streamer known as TheGrefg, or just Grefg for short. The 23-year-old streamer broke Twitch’s concurrent viewer record for an individual stream while he was waiting for his Fortnite skin to become available.

David Cánovas Martínez is a popular streamer in the Spanish community and previously held the record for the highest concurrent viewers for an individual stream — of which he amassed over 660,000 viewers. This was during December 2020 when Grefg watched Fortnite’s Galactus event. However, last night he broke that record after amassing over 2 million concurrent viewers.


To put it specifically, over 2.5 million viewers tuned in to watch Grefg’s Fortnite skin be revealed, originally finding him break his own record earlier in the night. As word spread of him smashing his own record, more viewers jumped in.

Hitting over 2.5 million viewers means that he’s smashed multiple records, including the above mentioned concurrent viewers for an individual stream. Additionally, he surpassed the total of concurrent viewers during an esports event which was held by ELeague at 1.1 million. He also beat the all-time concurrent viewers for a single game which was held by Fortnite during The Device Event that saw 2.3 million viewers.

As for the skin itself, Grefg shows it off in the below tweet that features the key art, with his hair boasting red accents, and a hammer with a gamepad at the end of it. His skin is part of Epic Games’ Icon series that has currently had 7 other skins such as Ninja, Travis Scott, and some others. Grefg’s is the 8th skin to join the series.

While I don’t understand Spanish, I did tune into the stream last night and the energy there was ecstatic. Grefg jumping off from his sofa, holding back tears, phoning up friends or family to share the news. The energy in the chat was incredible, and it was a fantastic night. For some statistics, on Twitch he has over 6 million followers, 4 million on Twitter, and 16 million on YouTube.

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