Grey Goo is Ready to Ooze Out of Your PC in January; First Development Diary Released

Grey Goo is Ready to Ooze Out of Your PC in January; First Development Diary Released

Grey Goo, the new real-time strategy game in the same vein as Starcraft, from developers Petroglyph Games has been dated for release on January 23rd, 2015 for PC on Steam today.

The release date was announced in a post on the games forums today, bringing the games launch much sooner than many had anticipated. In the post it is revealed that testing during the games closed alpha went exceptionally well and provided the team with enough feedback to game balance that they were able to create a final roadmap for the games release.

We know that many of you were hoping to be involved in a more full-blown Beta Testing phase. However, instead, we have been focused on using the data we received to improve the game so that we can get Grey Goo into your hands and onto your computer as soon as possible.

In a time where Early Access has been questionably used for prolonged testing periods and many games being hit with delays, it is rather refreshing to hear that focus testing has sped up the release of Grey Goo. Considering the game is from the developers behind Star Wars: Empire at War and is being conceptualized by Weta Workshop, the design studio behind the movies like Avatar, District 9 and Lord of the Rings, this is one game that I’m happy to hear I’ll be seeing much more of sooner rather than later.

Look forward to more development diaries, background story and gameplay videos over the next month as the game nears launch. You can checkout the first development diary with Mike Legg, president of Petroglyph Games, and Ted Morris, executive producer of Grey Goo, in the video below.