GRID 2 Driving into Homes Next Year

GRID 2 Driving into Homes Next Year

Codemasters has announced that they will be releasing GRID 2 next year. GRID 2 will make use of the EGO Game Technology Platform.

In the game, players will be challenged to do drive as fast as possible to come out on top in the world of this competitive motorsport. There will be improved car damage, AI, visuals, and a Flashback time rewind feature.

Players will race around the world from Paris to Abu Dhabi to Miami to California. The game features city streets, licensed circuits, and mountain roads to challenge players skills.

GRID 2 features the TrueFeel Handling System that will use real physics to have the game be accessible while still keeping the feel of a simulation game that is easy to play but difficult to master.

GRID 2 has created a multiplayer experience that features its own progress system and customization options that offer a deeper experience with the game’s multiplayer. Fans of racing and the original game will want to keep an eye out for more information on the game and check out the trailer for it below.