College Football Title Gridiron Champions Gets a Release Date

College Football Title Gridiron Champions Gets a Release Date

College football returns in sometime 2020 when IMV and Big Ant Studios' ambitious project Gridiron Champions officially launches on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox

IMV Gaming has recently announced via Twitter new information regarding its ambitious sports title Gridiron Champions, which is currently slated to launch sometime within the next two years.

According to the developer, Gridiron Champions currently has a 2020 launch window. While this release date seems somewhat vague, especially considering not much information has been released regarding the title aside from late last year when IMV announced that Big Ant Studios would be responsible for publishing the game.

Nevertheless, IMV is dedicated to maintaining transparency for their fans that feel a 2020 release date is too far away. IMV is promising to provide more update’s regarding the game’s development, in various forms ranging from Podcasts to behind-the-scenes videos, official screenshots, gameplay videos just to name a few.

Much like the NCAA Football series, Gridiron Champions will be a college football game; unlike its counterpart, however, this game will place a heavy emphasis on customization. Gridiron Champions will support player creativity by allowing them to design team rosters, football organizations, stadiums, and college sports conferences. Essentially, it is a college football game for gamers who miss the NCAA Football series to sink their teeth into after the NCAA did not renew its licensing contract with Electronic Arts due to continuous lawsuits concerning the use of player likenesses in the NCAA Football series.