Grifball Goes to the Big Time In Newest Halo Title

on September 2, 2012 4:42 PM

Halo‘s community has always had fun creating special “game modes” for the series. One of these popular modes is Grifball, which consists of two teams attempting to pick up a bomb and deliver it to the opposing team’s base. It’s basically capture-the-flag, except that you really, really don’t want the flag in the end. It’s always been an unofficial aspect of the game, but in Halo 4, you’ll be able to select it as an official mode.

Even so, a few changes have been instated to Grifball’s official version. For example, passes can now be made, making the game a lot more like football. You can also use an energy sword to chop down the bomb-carrier and, in doing so, instantly grab the bomb yourself.

Now, if they’d only add Baseball…


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