Grifball, Neutral Bomb Assault, Fiesta Coming to Halo 5: Guardians

Halo 5: Guardian‘s skill level matchmaking algorithm has been changed in order to create faster match ups. The minimum CSR to attain a Champion rank has been changed from 1800 to 1500 and the highest CSR you earn after placement matches is now 1700. This was done because the first 200 people who could attain Onyx rank would be more likely to be placed in Champion temporarily.

The social slayer playlist this weekend is Game Day Slayer, named so due to the Super Bowl game today. Arena Breakout has been removed from the Team Arena playlist. Despite the positive response during a weekend playlist test, the mode was too different from other Arena game types and so has been removed. 343 Industries does mention they will continue to try and figure out how to bring the mode back.

The community breakout maps in the Breakout playlist may not stay forever, as the developer will be running another poll to see which maps are the most popular in order to trim the total number down.

A color change has been implemented for Blue Team with Infinity’s Armory though 343 has not shared the details on why until now. Tom Mathews, Senior Engineer, spoke about how they generated a heat map on Eden for the SWAT mode and noticed that Blue team had an unusually high death count compared to Red. The reason why is when viewing the area from the opposite side the red background more easily hides Red team from view and makes Blue team stick out. Since the color change Red vs Blue balance has increased significantly.

Neutral Bomb Assault will be returning as Assault and some changes have been made. The bomb will now spawn in different set locations throughout the match, so players can predict its pattern over the course of a game. The ball carrier also has instant kill melee, two thrusts, and the same spotting mechanic in Capture the Flag, where the ball carrier only appears on everyone’s HUD when he is spotted by an enemy player.

Grifball will also return, with 343 bringing in Jeffrey “Nokyard” Fischer to help discuss balance of hammer v sword v ball and create a map that will launch when Grifball is implemented into the playlist. Fiesta, in which players spawn with randomized weapons, will also return as a variation. Assault will also appear with full forge and private match customization.


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