Klei Entertainment's Griftlands is a Deck-Building Rogue-Like With an Awesome New Trailer

Klei Entertainment has completely rebooted their Griftlands RPG. The game has now become a deck-building rogue-like and is coming to PC next month.

By Ricky Frech

June 10, 2019

Klei announced a new RPG called Griftlands back in 2017. Today, they’ve revealed that the game has been completely retooled after three years in development and is now a single-player deck-building game. It’s quite the switch, but the trailer makes the new Griftlands look very compelling. Watch for yourself below.

In Griftlands, you play as a freelance adventurer who is willing to do the jobs that others won’t. Visually it looks a little like The Banner Saga in space, while the card-based combat might remind you of Slay the Spire. In this game, you’ll actually be building two decks of cards: one for combat and the other for negotiation.

The trailer shows off both types of decks in action. We a few different permutations on what can happen when you enter a saloon containing a number of bandits. First, our hero tries to talk his way past the main baddie before getting beaten to a pulp. Then, he just tries to fight the bandits on his own. Finally, he picks up some of the muscle around the bar to help him out in his battle. Obviously, these three interactions are fairly minor, but it gives a good idea of the branching paths Griftlands might take.

The team at Klei is taking a somewhat interesting path to release. They will be releasing on the Epic Store on July 11 as an Alpha version. Then, next June they’ll come out in early access on Steam. If you purchased the Alpha version on Epic, you’ll get the Steam version for free. When the game is finally ready for a full release, it will come out on both platforms at the same time. It’s quite a convoluted path, but hopefully, the end product is worth it. Stay here at DualShockers for all the E3 news.

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