Grimmwood Gets a Trailer to Announce Its Release on Steam

Grimmwood Gets a Trailer to Announce Its Release on Steam

Headup Games shared a trailer to announce the release of Grimmwood that challenges players to work together to defend a village within a mystical forest.

Publisher Headup Games has released a trailer to announce that Grimmwood is now available on Steam. The trailer shows off some gameplay and gives players a little bit of what they can expect from this challenging co-op MMO game.

Grimmwood finds players part of a village of up to 39 other human players deep within a mystical forest. At midnight each day, monsters will attack the forest and players will have to band together in order to survive. During the time of day when there are no threats, players can explore the forest to gather resources and work on fortifying buildings in the village to prepare for the daily attacks.

The game is an asynchronous multiplayer game, and in Follow Mode, a 24-hour day cycle is available to be played whenever and for as long as players like, or there is also a modified Blitz Mode available that has fifteen minute days. The game has a strong emphasis on social interaction, and players can vote to expel villagers who don’t contribute to the village’s survival.

The trailer looks right out of a fairy tale and shows some of the preparations that players can make for the daily monster attacks in addition to the battles themselves.

You can check out the trailer below. Grimmwood is now available for PC on Steam, and you’ll get a 10% discount if you buy it before August 9th.