GRIP: Combat Racing Gets Release Date with Explosive New Trailer

GRIP: Combat Racing comes screaming to consoles and PC on November 22. The explosive new trailer shows the breakneck speeds that await players.

August 3, 2018

Speed, adrenaline, and chaotic gameplay are all on the menu for Wired Productions’ and Caged Element’s upcoming racer GRIP: Combat Racing.

GRIP: Combat Racing’s style is unashamedly similar to that of classic 90s series, Rollcage. It’s fast-paced, features an arsenal of heavy weaponry to use against your opponents, and allows you to drive on virtually any surface thanks to each car’s wheels being taller than the bodies of the vehicles themselves. This made for some memorable gameplay 20 years ago and looks like it is now set to take that same concept into the world of HD graphics on console and PC.


The latest trailer for GRIP: Combat Racing shows the mayhem in action as cars whizz along roads, walls, and ceilings in a high-speed sprint for the finish line. The game will feature 22 tracks jam-packed with gut-wrenching turns and nauseating heights to navigate. To achieve this, there will be a selection of 15 aggressive vehicles to choose from. The eyeball-searing visuals become even more intense through the game’s 4-player split screen mode. Or, alternatively, you can take the race online in 10 player matches.

GRIP: Combat Racing will be available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC on November 22.

Eoghan Murphy

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