GRIP's Multiplayer Arrives Today Alongside New Update; Launch Trailer Released

Today, developer Caged Element’s GRIP has received a hefty update, which notably adds multiplayer to the the futuristic combat racer.

The new mutliplayer features the ability to find a game, join a game, create a game, in-game chat, spectating, and a lobby — aka usual multiplayer stuff.

In addition to multiplayer and a slab of fixes and improvements, the update also comes with a new car and racetrack. The new car is called the Cygon Tempest, and is a tank class vehicle and the fastest car in the game. The new racetrack is called Novos Acrophobia. It is described as a track high up in the mountains, and as the game’s hardest track thus far.

Below, you can check out the full patch notes for the update as well as the new multiplayer-focused launch trailer. GRIP is currently available on PC via Steam Early Access for $15.99 USD (a 20% discount of the game is available until April, knocking the price down to $12.79 USD).


  • NEW Car! Cygon Tempest. This is a tank class vehicle, and the fastest car in the game.

  • NEW Racetrack! Norvos Acrophobia. This track is high up in the mountains, and takes some serious skill to compete on. Hardest track in the game thus far

  • Improved vehicle handling, which allows for more natural drifting

  • Better vehicle stabilty and collision. Improved suspension model. Players should experience less general unwanted bouncing. Improved downforce calculation

  • Pickups rebalanced to have less EMPs spawn, less force/damage from Raptor bullets, less damage from mines, rockets

  • Improved resetting functionality

  • Improved vehicle damage effects as well as others

  • Added and improved various sound effects, including a “whoosh” sound when passing various objects on the track

  • Full 21:9 resolution (please let us know if you still cannot use your desired screen res)

  • Fixed skipping checkpoints and resetting across the map issues

  • Explodable barrels removed from Time Trial

  • The game now loads more quickly, taking up a bit more HDD space

  • Added preliminary support for light-up keyboards

  • Various fixes and improvements!Levels

  • Norvos Acrophobia: It’s new! (fixed/improved a few things since Private branch version)

  • Yuri: Fixed various issues with collision and AI, added obstacles to canyon path, added a few speedpads for mainly Speedster use

  • Alhatra: Improved AI pathing, fixed various collision issues

  • Speedbowl: Removed blue barrier from inside corner

  • Transport: Fixed various collision and AI issues, added obstacles on straightaway near bridge, added some speedpads in forwards mode

  • FIC Outpost: Fixed various collision issues, added speedpads, added some environment assets, improved AI pathing

  • Skytrack: Added more environment assets, improved AI

  • Carkour maps: Fixed issue where track splines are all messed up

  • Jobsite: Fixed areas with improper blocking collision

  • Fixed assassin navigation on various tracks

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