GRIS Got a Gun Skin for Rainbow Six: Siege and It’s Beautiful

GRIS Got a Gun Skin for Rainbow Six: Siege and It’s Beautiful

GRIS ended up with a gun skin for Rainbow Six: Siege as Ubisoft developers celebrate GRIS winning an award at The Game Awards.

GRIS is a deeply moving game that tumbles through various emotional states as players control a woman pushing through painful moments in her life. It’s a game that stands out from other titles, but have you ever wondered how it would look as a gun? As it turns out, GRIS is now a weapon in Rainbow Six: Siege. But why?

While GRIS itself isn’t a violent game in any sense of the word, the official Twitter account for Rainbow Six: Siege tweeted to say happy anniversary as well as congratulate Nomada Studio on its The Game Awards win in which it won the Games for Impact award. It also stated that players could get a free skin inspired by the game. An odd collaboration for sure.

The chance to grab the gun and charm has now passed as players had to log in to Rainbow Six: Siege from December 13 – December 15. If they did that they’ll have nabbed it for free. The skin is only for one of the operators, Ela, and can be applied to the Scorpion Evo submachine gun.

The skin shares a similar color palette to the colorful world in the platformer from Nomada Studio. It also features the logo across the side of the weapon. The charm features the same colors and features not only the logo but Gris herself falling beneath it in her red dress.

So what’s GRIS doing being promoted in a shooty bang-bang game such as Rainbow Six: Siege? Kotaku published an update to their original story to clarify that two founders from Nomada Studio had both worked on Rainbow Six: Siege previously. Adrian Cuevas used to work at Ubisoft as a senior programmer on Rainbow Six: Siege while Roger Mendoza was a senior AI/gameplay programmer on the title.