Gris Launch Trailer Was Rejected By Facebook For Falsely Including “Suggestive Content”

Gris Launch Trailer Was Rejected By Facebook For Falsely Including “Suggestive Content”

In the leadup to the release of Gris by Nomada Studio, it turns out that the game's launch trailer ended up not passing Facebook standards by including supposed "suggestive content."

With its bold visual style and an emotionally-driven story, Nomada Studios’ Gris was a title that snuck in at the very end of 2018 but quickly captured a ton of attention, thanks largely from its incredibly strong reception from fans and critics (including our own review of the game last month). However, the game did hit one small snag when it came to its launch trailer, which apparently got barred from appearing on Facebook due to the (supposed) inclusion of suggestive content.

Publisher Devolver Digital shared on its Twitter page that after the game’s release on PC and Switch last month, one of the launch trailer ads for Gris ended up getting rejected by Facebook for being shared on the platform, as a specific scene contained in the trailer was tagged for including content that Facebook determined as being “sexually suggestive.”

Facebook rejected a GRIS launch trailer ad for this ‘sexually suggestive’ scene so this year is going great so far.— Devolver Digital (@devolverdigital) January 7, 2019

The scene that the trailer itself showed depicts one of the segments of the game where the character encounters a large stone statue of a women with her hands outstretched, though most can see that the scene itself is far from being explicit by any means, and surely Facebook has probably seen much worse. You can take a look at the trailer itself down below:

While the scene in question does show the figure of a woman in a more silhouetted form, the scene certainly doesn’t carry the same degree of being “suggestive” (and especially in context with playing Gris as a whole). However, while this might have been a bit of a bummer in the promotion of the game, it certainly doesn’t take away from the fact that Gris is still a visually-inventive game that anyone should play, “suggestive content” or otherwise.

Thankfully, Gris is already among the success stories of the indie scene, as just a few weeks ago developer Nomada Studio shared that the game had already begin to turn a profit for the team, on top of its incredibly strong reception from those that have played it. Having just started it myself during the holidays, I look forward to seeing the rest of what this special game has to offer.

Gris is available now on Nintendo Switch and PC.