One Week After Release, Gris Has Already Turned a Profit

One Week After Release, Gris Has Already Turned a Profit

Nomada Studio has recently announced that Gris has already made the company money, merely one week after launch.

The atmospheric platformer Gris only released a little more than a week ago, but it seems like it has already found great success in this short period of time.

As recently announced on Twitter by Nomada Studio, the developer of the game, it was revealed that Gris has already turned a profit for the company. “Gris has been out for one week and our team is overwhelmed by the incredible reception and thrilled that the game is already profitable! Thank you all so much for your support!” Nomada Studio shared in a message to fans.

With as competitive as the indie scene is nowadays, it’s always good to hear when an indie studio like this has found success. Then again, considering how much we enjoyed Gris for ourselves here at DualShockers, perhaps it shouldn’t come as a surprise whatsoever that the game has done so well.

Perhaps the next steps for Gris and Nomada Studio would be to bring the game to other platforms, but that remains to be seen. For now, Gris is available on both PC and Switch.