Groove Coaster is Getting an Undertale Collaboration on Steam

Groove Coaster is Getting an Undertale Collaboration on Steam

The rhythm action game Groove Coaster is receiving a collaboration with the hit indie game Undertale sometime this October.

The rhythm action game Groove Coaster, developed by Taito Corporation, is getting a collaboration sometime this October with the hit indie title Undertale. There were no specifics given on what the crossover will entail.

The steam version of Groove Coaster features 36 original songs from various game music composers from all over the world and more tracks are on the way. The title is sort of a spin-off to Space Invaders. In the game, players take control of an avatar that travels on a fixed trail and performs certain actions when notes appear on the screen.

It is always fun to see collaborations like these. Whenever I see Shovel Knight appear in any other game it just makes me smile. Despite Yooka-Laylee being a somewhat average experience, at least from my perspective, seeing my favorite shovel-wielding knight was awesome. I would assume this can do the same for many fans of Undertale.

The announcement came along with a trailer that you can watch below. The collab will be available sometime in October. Groove Coaster is currently available for Android, iOS, and PC.