Grounded Update Gives Players Perks and a New Feathery “Friend”

Grounded Update Gives Players Perks and a New Feathery “Friend”

Grounded adds a ton of new content to its backyard survival game. Part of the update is a bird you can fight. Frankly, I'm terrified.

When Obsidian’s Grounded hit Early Access in late July, it was immediately met with tons of players. While the game still has a ways to go in terms of content, that’s a good sign that the team has hit on a great IP. And now, the team is releasing its first major content update. It comes complete with tons of new additions and a terrifying new enemy. Give the update trailer a watch below to see some of the stuff Obsidian’s adding.

While the bird is literally the biggest thing coming to the update, the most interesting aspect for the game might be the new perk system. Basically, this is a new way for players to differentiate themselves from their friends. There are currently 13 perks and you can equip up to three at once. It will be fun to see all the wacky ones the team can come up with over the course of the early access campaign.

There is also a new slew of items for you to craft and some improvements to placing items. Plus, BURG.L has some brand new quests for you to take on. And, of course, there are a host of bug fixes and changes. That includes a buff to spiders, so be prepared.

Grounded brings such a unique premise to the table. I’m very hopeful that Obsidian adds tons of content to really fill the whole thing out before it fully launches. This is a great first step and I can’t wait to see what they have next.

Grounded is available now in early access on PC and Xbox One. The game is set to launch sometime in 2021.