Grow Up Trophies Lack Platinum, Mostly Bronze

Grow Up Trophies Lack Platinum, Mostly Bronze

We know have access to the full trophy list for Grow Up thanks to PSN Profiles. Grow Up features seventeen trophies, with no platinum, no gold, three silver, and fourteen bronze. This is less than the first game, Grow Home, which featured nineteen trophies split between two silver and seventeen bronze.

Most of the trophies require you to collect all of a certain thing, as well as one-off accomplishments. You can find the full trophy list below, and look forward to Grow Up launching this Tuesday, August 16, on PlayStation 4.


  • POWER UP!: Collect all crystals
  • BUD-tanical Brilliance: Complete the game 100%
  • All Grown UP: Rescue MOM


  • Teletastic: Unlock all Telerouters
  • Star Planter!: Flower all STARPLANTS
  • No Mountain Too High: Complete all challenges
  • Mushroom Maypole: Plant 10 Champolines on top of each other
  • Lift Off: Grab two Sporchids simultaneously and ride upwards for 400m
  • I Can See Your House From Here…: Orbit the entire planet in BALL mode
  • Happy Landing!: Blast a critter 100m
  • Floraforms: Unlock all seeds
  • Cuddly Meeps: Discover the bull and the sheep
  • Carpet Gardening: Throw 100 seeds whilst gliding
  • Can I Have A P Please, BUD?: Discover letter block P
  • Budding Traveller: Visit all Biomes
  • BUD Friend!: Take a Critter to the moon
  • Along For The Ride: Complete a challenge holding a Critter