GTA 5 Actors for Lamar and Franklin Reenact Iconic Meme Scene in Real Life

GTA 5's Lamar and Franklin come to life in a funny reenactment seven years after launch.

Grand Theft Auto 5 has been a staple in many gamers’ collection over the seven years since its launch and it bears no sign of dying down anytime soon. One of the many pleasures that draw players into its open-world is the endless freedom it allows you to have, plus it’s really the only time you can get away with doing unbelievably terrible things. These terrible but enjoyable acts are even better when shared with a friend in GTA online where anything is possible.

The game is also packed full of iconic scenes but the roasting scene between GTA 5 characters Franklin Clinton and Lamar Davis is probably the best one out of them all. To give that hilarious act a fresh lick of 2021 polish, Shawn Fonteno who plays Franklin and Gerald “Slink” Johnson the voice of Lamar, reenact the roasting scene that soon turned into a well-known meme. Shawn and Gerald play up the part so well as they get into the real grit of Lamar and Franklin. The video is currently sitting at over nine hundred million views and there’s no doubt that the figure will keep rising.

You can check out the video below but please be aware, naturally, it does contain a lot of bad language so make sure you shoo granny or your younger brother/sister out of the room first.

In other GTA 5 news, we got to see a player ride their motorbike straight onto the head of a Loch Ness monster, and not only that, we got a glimpse of a fan-made version of the GTA San Andreas map showing the state of the region in the year 1907. GTA 5 is now available on PS4Xbox One, and PC. The game will also be available on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S later this year.


Rachael Fiddis

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