GTA 5 Jantsuu Tower Mod - How To Download & Install, Requirements

The new tallest building in Los Santos even has a water slide!

May 17, 2021

Even though Grand Theft Auto V is approaching its 8th birthday, the modding community is part of what’s keeping the game alive and thriving. The Jantsuu Tower Mod is one of the many mods that keep the game fresh.

This isn’t just any old tower though, the mod actually installs the tallest tower in Los Santos. Check out the details of the mod below, including how you can download and install it for yourself.

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Jantsuu Tower Mod In Grand Theft Auto V

The Jantsuu Tower Mod by Jantsuu installs a brand new Skyscraper to Grand Theft Auto V’s Los Santos. The new tower is taller than any other building located in Los Santos and is built on top of the Rockford Plaza.


Once you’ve downloaded and installed the mod, head over to Burton, Rockford Hills and you’ll notice the massive skyscraper now sits on top of the Rockford Plaza.

The building comes in at a gigantic 1,975.6 feet from the floor to tip of the antenna. Or 1,402.0 feet from floor to roof top.

Jantsuu Tower Mod Requirements

As with many Grand Theft Auto V mods, there are a few requirements in order to install the mod. According to the official download page for Jantsuu Tower, players will need to have the following mods installed.

  • OpenIV
  • ASI Loader (install from OpenIV ASI Manager)
  • OpenIV.ASI (install from OpenIV ASI Manager)
  • Ragdoll mod (NOT NECESSARY but need needed if you want to use water slides properly)

How To Download & Install Jantsuu Tower Mod

The following steps are on the assumption that players have already met the above requirements.

  • Download the Jantsuu Tower Mod from the following link:
  • Locate your Grand Theft Auto V shortcut and right-click it, then select ‘Open file location‘.
  • Select the following folders:
    Mods > Update > x64 > dlcpacks
  • Open the Jantsuu Tower Mod folder downloaded from the link above.
  • Select the folder ‘jtower‘ and drag it into the ‘dlcpacks‘ folder.
  • Open the ‘README.txt’ file located in the Jantsuu Tower Mod folder. Then, scroll down to the Installation part of the document and copy the following text line:
  • Navigate back to the main folder of Grand Theft Auto V, right-click and hit refresh.
  • Next you will need to open up the OpenIV program, select the Windows option under Grand Theft Auto V and allow the program to connect.
  • Select ‘Edit mode‘ at the top of the OpenIV program, then navigate to the following folders.
    GTA V > mods > update > update.rpf > common > data
  • Once inside of the ‘data‘ folder, scroll down until you find the file ‘dlclist.xml‘. Right-click the file and select ‘Edit‘.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the file and and copy and paste the text from step number 6, make sure you paste this text UNDER the last line which reads ‘<item>dlcpacks:\addonpeds\</Item>.
  • Save the file and exit out of the file and OpenIV. Right-click on your desktop, select ‘Refresh‘ and open up Grand Theft Auto V.

Congratulations, you’ve officially installed the Jantsuu Tower Mod for Grand Theft Auto V. If you have any problems with the mod, please refer to the official mod page.

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