GTA Creator Dan Houser Spends 12.5 Million on Real Life Liberty City Mansion

on March 21, 2012 2:19 PM

If you’ve ever wondered how the other side lives… you can be rest assured that it’s “like a boss.”

How much would you pay for inspiration? Well if you ask Grand Theft Auto creator Dan Houser, he’ll probably tell you “around 12.5 million dollars.” That’s what the famed Rockstar Games co-founder paid to land a Brooklyn Heights mansion that was once called home by “In Cold Blood” crime writer, Truman Capote. The distinct looking yellow mansion which anchors the block at 70 Willow St, between Pineapple and Orange,  includes 9,000 square feet, 18 rooms  and 38 windows, with the parlor level featuring some of the floor to ceiling variety.

Capote wasn’t the only creative person to call the Mansion ‘home.’ The most recent seller Nicholas Callaway is an accomplished publisher of his own right. You can read more about the house and it’s history on the New York Observer’s site.

[NY Observer]


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