GTA Online is Adding Vehicular Combat Arena War Mode on December 11

GTA Online is Adding Vehicular Combat Arena War Mode on December 11

Rockstar's online platform GTA Online is getting some new game modes, centered around a Twisted Metal-like concept called Arena War.

While Red Dead Online may be the current craze, that doesn’t mean that Rockstar won’t devote any more time to their previous moneymaker GTA Online. The ever-evolving online platform is receiving a new mode called “Arena War,” which seems a bit Twisted Metal-like in nature.

Expect to take control of armored and weaponized vehicles in brutal player-versus-player combat. Players can “embark on an entirely new career” and compete in the Maze Bank Arena. Per Rockstar’s blog, the game mode will come with new vehicle types and seven new gametypes as a part of Arena War.

Through the course of your Arena War career, you can earn Arena Points and use them to rank up and earn even more goodies to utilize in the battle arena. Expect rubber to burn, metal to clash, and heads to roll.

GTA Online is never really a game that I “got,” with so much being added on a daily basis to the point where I couldn’t keep up. With people now jumping onto the Red Dead Online beta, I’m wondering if the player base will fracture in any way. The two offerings from Rockstar will have their fair share of similarities and differences. For one, I don’t think you can mount a turret gun onto a horse.

Expect Arena War to hit GTA Online for PC, PS4, and Xbox One tomorrow, December 11.