GTA Online Gets More Holiday Content: Los Santos Snow, Juggernaut Mode, New Comet Retro Custom, and More

GTA Online Gets More Holiday Content: Los Santos Snow, Juggernaut Mode, New Comet Retro Custom, and More

Earlier this week, Rockstar Games announced its GTA Online Festive Surprise 2016 was live and bringing a whole slab of content. Today, the developer/publisher announced that the game is getting even more holiday content.

Perhaps the most notable addition is the new Juggernaut mode. The “adrenaline-fueled Adversary Mode” is a brutal war between two opposing teams, where the Juggernaut is your greatest asset and your only liability. As an attacker in the mode, your goal is to swarm and execute the opposing team’s heavily-reinforced Juggernaut — while protecting your own. If your team is unable to wipe out the opposition’s Juggernaut in time, then the game goes into Sudden Death, where everyone becomes a Juggernaut, and the the first kill wins.

To celebrate the launch of Juggernaut, Rockstar Games is offering Double GTA$ & RP in the mode now through Jan 1st.

Snowfall is once again coming to Los Santos, as well as a bunch of holiday gifts. Snow is now blanketing Los Santos and Blaine County until Monday, December 26th. With the snow, also comes the ability to partake in snowball fights. By pressing left on the D-pad you can collect snowballs and then check them wherever you like (you can hold up to nine at one time).

Rockstar also hinted more snow will be coming on New Year’s weekend, and urged everyone to stay tuned for more details soon.

Specifically on Christmas Day, anyone who logs in to GTA Online will recieve the Unicorn Mask and either the White Graphic or Blue check pajamas plus all of the following:
•    Fireworks Launcher plus 10 Fireworks rockets
•    Carbine Rifle plus 200 rounds of Ammo
•    Marksman Rifle plus 200 rounds of Ammo
•    Basic Knuckle Dusters
•    25 Sticky Bombs
•    25 Grenades
•    5 Proximity Mines
•    5 Molotovs
•    Full Snacks
•    Full Armor

Lastly, a new re-imagined Pfister Comet is available. You can obtain/customize the car by heading on over to Benny’s Original Motor Works or your very own Executive Garage Custom Auto Shop.


The update, with all of this content, is live as of today on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.