Special Vehicle Circuit Races Now Available in Grand Theft Auto Online

Special Vehicle Circuit Races Now Available in Grand Theft Auto Online

Master a new art of racing in Los Santos on extraordinary race tracks in the Special Vehicle Circuit Races now available in Grand Theft Auto Online.

This week in Grand Theft Auto Online, developer Rockstar Games has announced via press release that a new series of races titled the Special Vehicle Circuit Races are now available in the game.

Many gamers have been playing Grand Theft Auto Online since its launch in 2013. Veterans of the game think they have mastered every concept car and experimental prototype that Los Santos has to offer even going as far as saying they have reached “pro status” on Grand Theft Auto Online races. However, one can only call themselves a pro once they master the art of hovercar, jetpack, and submersible racing.

The Special Vehicle Circuit Races are divided up into three categories with each branch offering its own set of for players to indulge themselves in. Additionally, each of the three main categories requires players to race in that particular vehicle. For good measure, here is a full rundown of each of the categories and its respective subcategories so you can get a better understanding of what to expect.

  • Imponte Deluxo Races
    • Stadium Flyover: Players are placed in an entire stadium as they fly over the location in the lovely Imponte Deluxo.
    • Raton Race: Set in the rugged terrain that makes mountain bikers go wild, and hikers eager to hike, the Raton Race has your flying automobiles as you avoid the environmental obstacles and outrun your opponents.
    • Cresting: Whether you’re burning rubber on the streets to Los Santos, riding the waves at Vespucci beach, soaring the soaring above Mount Chiliad, players can now do all of the three in the Deluxo as you take up and soak in all of Los Santos’ glory from land, air, and sea.
    • Techno: For those who enjoy that out of body experience in Los Santos, the Techno races will have you taking off in the Deluxo as you enjoy the psychedelic tunnels and rings of fire.
  • Ocelot Stromberg Races:
    • Spindrift: Somewhat of a homage to those that like underwater labyrinth levels chopped full of naval mines, the Spindrift race will test not only your skills behind the wheel but also your agility.
    • The Kraken: A race best avoided if you are afraid of squids. Or ya know, just really don’t like calamari as a whole.
    • Plunge: Only a pro racer knows that you must keep your finger on submersible mode when there’s suddenly no more track and you roam throughout the stratosphere with only the ocean serving as a surrogate landing pad.
  • Mammoth Thruster Races:
    • Vinewood Air Tours: Live the lavish life in Los Santos and enjoy the neon glow of the city’s nightlife. In Vinewood Air Tours, you will soar through the famous Vinewood, feel 1,000 pounds of thrust roaring at your back, and the potential to endure horrifying and lethal mid-air collisions.
    • Chiliad Drop: The most unpredictable race of the bunch, one minute you’re on top of the world on the summit of Mount Chiliad, next thing you know, you’re strafing into a cliff with only some rocket fuel and the potential to gloat about the experience.
    • FlyLo Challenge: The survival rate in a Los Santos’ road tunnel at rush hour could potentially decrease if road-raging individuals ditched their cars and opted to use jetpacks instead.

With a batch of new and distinct races available to try out, those eager enough to tackle these races will receive double GTA$ and RP now until Monday, May 7. Additionally, double GTA$ and RP are also available on all 20 of the original Rockstar Special Vehicle Circuit Races for the Blazer Aqua, Rocket Voltic & Ruiner 2000 as well as on all Special Vehicle Work Missions.

Finally, this week includes 25% off on all special vehicles and you can view the entire list of applicable vehicles below this article.

Grand Theft Auto Online is available now via Grand Theft Auto Online for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One – if you enjoyed everything I talked about in this article and do not already own the game already, you can pick it up right now on Humble Bundle.

This Week’s Grand Theft Auto Online Discounts
Special Vehicle Discount
Thurster 25%
Deluxo 25%
Stromberg 25%
Ruiner 2000 25%
Rocket Voltic 25%
Blazer Aqua 25%

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