GTA V Experiencing Issues with Social Club and iFruit Companion App, Rockstar Assures Fixes Incoming

on September 18, 2013 7:04 AM

Grand Theft Auto V has finally launched yesterday, and luckily the world hasn’t imploded on itself (at least just yet). While the game did indeed have a pretty massive launch, players have been heading into some issues with the game’s Social Club features and its out-of-game companion app, iFruit, which Rockstar is aware of and working to correct.

Rockstar detailed on its Support Site a few issues currently happening with GTA V interacting with Rockstar Social Club, where account linking and keeping track of stats and crew members is currently unstable and is not updating correctly. In addition, the iFruit companion app, where players can train their dog Chop and participate in other activities out of the game, is also experiencing long loading times or unresponsive logins, and many times having data resets. In addressing concerns with both problems, Rockstar said in a blog post:

“We are aware of these issues with Social Club or related networking hardware/services and have been working to resolve them as quickly as possible.”

“Please note that we are aware of some reports about problems with the iFruit App (available on iTunes), such as login errors, endless loading spinners, and the app appearing to reset data. ┬áRest assured that we are working to resolve this as quickly as possible.”

Hopefully these issues with Social Club and iFruit will be addressed soon: it’s only been one day but there’s never getting enough of Grand Theft Auto V.

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