GTA V Glitch Gives Franklin Hilarious New Walking Animation

GTA V is still giving us laughs almost 10 years later!

January 21, 2022

GTA: Online’s recently released ‘The Contract’ DLC finally saw the return of Franklin, and although GTA V fans were disappointed it wasn’t in the form of a single-player DLC, it has given us some amazing moments and hilarious glitches.

One user recently discovered a rather unique glitch that completely changes the walking animation style for Franklin during one of The Contract missions, and the outcome is hilarious.

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Franklin Gets A New Walking Animation In GTA V Glitch

As many GTA Online players will be aware, there is a multitude of different walking animations available for players to switch between whilst in-game. The styles range from the default walking animation to “gangster”, “feminine”, and more.


However, these walking animations are only available for your custom GTA Online character and usually cannot be equipped for other characters. However, as part of The Contract DLC, players are able to play certain missions as Franklin. During one of the missions, a rather unusual visual glitch changed Franklin’s walking animation to the “feminine” option and rather surprised Reddit user /u/pinkyceruh.

Of course, Franklin is free to walk in whatever fashion he chooses, but it definitely threw us off guard seeing him pull off a strut that is fit for a catwalk. Check out the short clip from pinkyceruh below!

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GTA Online’s The Contract DLC was released on December 15th to rave reviews, as fans were ecstatic to see the return of Franklin and Chop after almost 10 years. The update gave fans brand new cars, business properties to purchase, new radio stations, and even new story-focused missions featuring Dr Dre.

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