GTFO Targets Early Access Release for 2019 and Reveals "The Rundown"

10 Chambers Collective has revealed a new concept to their horror game GTFO and plans to release it on Steam Early Access later this year.

10 Chambers Collective, a team of veterans behind the PAYDAY and PAYDAY 2 titles has today announced that the upcoming horror title GTFO should be heading to Steam Early Access later this year. This announcement also introduces a new concept to the game.

The concept for the game is titled “The Rundown” and finds GTFO being regularly updated with new levels to replace old levels. The new concept is detailed in the below video and explains what players can expect.

The story finds four players being treated as captives by “The Warden” who sends your squad down into the underground complex that’s both dark and littered with dangerous monsters. When players first boot up GTFO they’re presented with The Rundown, which is a menu offering different tiers of expeditions to embark on. The easier levels start toward the top of the Rundown and grow progressively harder the deeper the players go.

The Rundown and its expeditions are on a timer, when that timer runs out, that Rundown is erased from the game and replaced with a new Rundown. This offers players ever-changing objectives to take part in as 10 Chamber Collective frequently introduces new challenges. The frequency of these changes, with some lasting for a few weeks, other maybe two months depending on the difficulty.

10 Chambers Collective, despite being a small team of 9 people, plan to support GTFO for a long time through sales of the base game, with the potential of introducing “support the developer” packs which would include in-game cosmetics for players. The game will not come with a subscription fee, and there will be no pay-to-win solutions nor loot boxes.

Players will be able to jump into Early Access on the same day the first Rundown goes live, which at current doesn’t have a specific release date. Players can also get into the early beta by signing up as an ambassador through the website.

GTFO is to be released on PC with no other platforms confirmed at this moment in time. You can read our thoughts on the game in an earlier stage in development here.

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