PAX East 2020

GTFO Developer Chose Its Unusual Title Because "You Remember It"

Developer and publisher 10 Chambers Collective felt GTFO's unorthodox title was "suiting" to the player experience of the horror shooter.

By Ryan Meitzler

February 29, 2020

With its reveal at The Game Awards a few years ago, the horror co-op shooter GTFO gained a lot of attention for its intriguing mix of tactical shooting and collaboration in a horrifying setting. Of course, the game gained a lot of attention for its unusual title, which the developer felt perfectly suited the experience that players would be facing as they fight to survive.

Speaking in an interview at PAX East, 10 Chambers Collective shared a bit more on the development and inspirations behind GTFO. During this discussion, one of the subjects that came up was the source of the game’s title, with 10 Chambers Collective’s Svante Vinternatt providing an explanation for how the team landed on the title for its shooter:

“We did some brainstorming for a name; like okay, what should the title be? As a collective, we actually voted. We had a couple of alternatives, and of course discussed what we should end up with, and we thought this was a suiting title to the game. Some people love it, some people hate it, but you remember it and it fits with the game.”

Vinternatt was transparent with the fact that not everyone loves the title, but having played the game for a bit myself at PAX East 2020, it’s easier to see how GTFO surprisingly captures the feeling of tension and horror in the game. From the demo that I played at PAX, you are very much trying to get the f*** out of a bad situation, and it certainly is a title that is memorable, to say the least.

In addition to discussing the origins behind the game’s title, Vinternatt also explained that the studio is certainly considering console versions of the game down the line but wants to focus on the core PC experience first; this echoes what the studio has said previously about considering taking the game to PS4 and Xbox One. When asked about the possibility of GTFO coming to next-gen systems with the PS5 and Xbox Series X, Vinternatt said that “we’d need to try that out first and see what works.”

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GTFO is available now on PC through Steam Early Access, with no set date or window yet for the game’s full release.

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