GTFO Releases Second Rundown Featuring New Threats and Disinfectant

GTFO Releases Second Rundown Featuring New Threats and Disinfectant

Washing your hands is apparently important in the second Rundown for GTFO.

GTFO is a hardcore horror title from 10 Chambers Collective, and one of the key features to the game is a feature called the “Rundown“. The concept is that each Rundown contains unique missions, with the next Rundown erasing the previous, bringing new missions to complete.

The first Rundown for GTFO has been available since the game launched into early access in December 2019. The time has, however, come to an end for that Rundown and a new one has now taken its place. It’s available as a free update and will be downloaded when the player updates their game. Updating the game will erase the previous Rundown but it isn’t just new missions that are being introduced to the game.

In Rundown 002 / Infection, players will find themselves in a new environment called the “Dig Site” which also brings 10 new expeditions (missions). A new system called Warden Restriction is present too, which finds the community help one another to unlock the last, and hardest expedition.

There’s a new machine pistol and a burst rifle to use, while the machine gun has been updated. The patch notes tease that there is either a new singular enemy or enemies, saying that players need to find out themselves.

New objectives are also introduced along with tweaks to the game such as improved weapon sounds, new reload animations and a new on-screen liquid system. There’s also a Disinfection pack as well as a Lock Melter. The above video is a 10-minute look at what players can expect from the new Rundown.

DualShockers spoke with the developers about their plans for the future of the game prior to the early access launch and got hands-on with the game.

GTFO is available as a Steam early access title for PC.