GTFO Statistics Show How Frigging Hard Rundowns Are to Complete

GTFO Statistics Show How Frigging Hard Rundowns Are to Complete

Over 15 million medkits have been applied, but it looks like players still failed anyway.

10 Chambers Collective has revealed some statistics for its horror co-op title GTFO that launched into Early Access back in December 2019. The game has now been available for a year with players jumping in and trying to survive through the game’s hardcore missions, and it turns out quite a few seem to have failed.

For those unaware, GTFO is being developed by ex-Payday 2 developers and is a dark co-operative horror that works best with 4 players. Those players venture down into “The Complex” where they are given expeditions to complete. These expeditions are part of the game’s Rundown feature that basically erases any available expeditions, and replaces them with new ones to complete. 10 Chambers has so far delivered a total of 35 expeditions to the game since its launch into Early Access.

There are players jumping into GTFO from 168 countries and has a Discord channel with over 210,000 users for those looking to team up with others. There have been 4 different Rundown’s launched with a number of expeditions available to complete, and ones that grow progressively harder the deeper players go through The Complex. 10 Chambers reveals the percentage of players that have completed all available expeditions in each Rundown while it was available.

  • Rundown 001: 0.514%
  • Rundown Infection: < 0.1%
  • Rundown The Vessel: 0.324%
  • Rundown Contact: < 0.1%

Apparently, 91.18% of all expedition attempts fail, meaning players die in GTFO a lot. There have been over 15 million medical kits applied, and over 600,000 players have typed “Help” into the terminals that are available in the levels. The second Rundown to launch had the most challenging expedition “E1” with 1.4% of players surviving this particular mission.

It’s a shame there don’t appear to be more violent statistics regarding the number of creatures killed, or player deaths, but at least these statistics give you a fairly good insight into how hardcore the game appears to be. DualShockers spoke with 10 Chambers in Copenhagen last year and since then, the studio has recently been acquired by Tencent.

GTFO is currently only available on PC, though would love to move the game onto consoles.